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Lien Sale Services in San Diego

Liens are one of those things you may have heard about but aren’t clear on what they are, which can make anything involving a lien on a motor vehicle a lot more complicated.

Luckily, liens are fairly easy to understand: A lien is a hold someone has over a vehicle’s title, which makes it so that the vehicle owner doesn’t own their vehicle in its entirety until the lien has been released.

Liens are given to anyone who is owed money in relation to the car: This could be anyone that financed the car’s purchase -including the bank- or anyone who might’ve performed some service on the car and wasn’t paid.

A lien can even be given to a towing company or public agency, in which case, the lien can be satisfied when the vehicle is sold through the lien sale process.

Who Can Conduct a Lien Sale?

Only people with authorization from the DMV can conduct a lien sale. They will also need to have the vehicle in their possession.

Authorization from the DMV can be acquired by visiting the DMV offices, or by working with a DMV services provider like Payless Registration.

To take part in a lien sale, you’ll need:

• The vehicle
• A way to verify when you came into possession of the vehicle
• Vehicle identification number
• Engine number in case of a bike

In case you’re claiming repairs or any service costs, you’ll also need the Bureau of Automotive Repair Number.

Mercedez Benz Auto Registration

Are Liens Salvage Titles?

Though there are some similarities, liens, and salvage titles are actually very different.

A salvage title is only issued when a vehicle is considered a total loss by the insurance company, while a lien on a title indicates that there’s money owned on a vehicle.

While both the salvage title and the lien are held on a vehicle title, whoever owns the former is determined by an agreement between the vehicle owner and the insurance company, and the latter is awarded to whoever is owed money when it comes to the vehicle.

Who Can Help Me With a Lien Sale?

Because anyone who wishes to perform a lien sale needs to be approved by the DMV, the easiest way to get help with this process is to work with the DMV itself or with a DMV-certified expert.

DMV-certified service providers, like Payless Registration, can help guide you through most DMV-related paperwork without forcing you to visit the DMV offices themselves, making the whole process easier and painless.

When it comes to liens, Payless Registration can help take care of your DMV transactions, no matter if they are impound-related, abandoned vehicles, or even actions; They’ll help you find if there are any fees, penalties, tickets, or unpaid registration, and will help you cover them and release any other outstanding liens on a vehicle’s title as well.

Skip the lines and get professional help for all your transportation paperwork in a matter of minutes with Payless Registration Services!

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