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Auto Moving Permits

Moving Permits San Diego

We’ll get you the moving permits and reduce your stress.

Do You Need to Move your car for

a Repair or Smog Test?

We can easily get your TOP (Temporary Operating Permit) for you. This permit can give you a legal temporary status to move your vehicle for a repair or smog test. At Payless Registration Service Inc. Our priority is to develop quick and effective procedures so you can be safe on the road.

Let Us Do It

for You

To drive any vehicle on public streets, you must have liability insurance and either a full registration or a valid moving permit. Also, you must obtain a moving permit to drive an unregistered vehicle for emission tests or for inspection.

While moving permits cost money, it can end up costing you a lot more if you don’t get one. Not to mention unwarranted stress and anxiety on the day of your move. We can help you! Forget about long lists of requirements and paperwork. With us, customers save time, hassles, tickets and most important – money. Try us today!

Stop Stressing Over

DMV Procedures

Save Time Cut the Line! If you need a moving permit give us a call today at: 619-661-937

contact us and get an estimate!

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