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Registering A Custom Made Motorcycle in San Diego

One of the greatest pleasures in the world is to drive a motorcycle you’ve built with your own two hands, which is why plenty of people in San Diego choose to do this.

There’s nothing quite like taking the scenic roads while knowing your efforts and skill put you there.

Like with any other vehicle, however, you need to register your bike at the local DMV before you’re ready to use it.

Unlike motorcycles purchased via a distributor, however, registering a custom-made bike has its specific complications and requirements.

Luckily, Payless Registration is here for you to make the process a lot easier.

The Differences.

When registering a custom motorcycle it’s important to demonstrate that your creation is up-to-code, which is why it will be subjected to more stringent requirements.

How you’ve built your motorcycle and from what parts can make a huge difference when registering it, so keep in mind that the requirements can change from the ones listed here:

  • Statement of Construction (REG 5036)
  • Brake and Light Adjustment Certificates
  • Smog Certification

You’ll also need to take your vehicle to the DMV for an employee to inspect it, after which you might or might not be asked for further paperwork.

Mercedez Benz Auto Registration

My custom-built motorcycle has been inspected ; now what?

Once a DMV employee has checked your vehicle then it’s time to register as you would any other bike.

We have a dedicated guide on how to register your bike at the DMV, but here’s the short of it:


  • Head over to the DMV offices, or visit a licensed DMV provider like Payless Registration.
  • Complete the “Application for Title Registration”, which you can get at the DMV offices or through the website.
  • Provide the bike’s current title and title insurance.
  • Inquire, and pay, the necessary processing fees.
  • Wait for your certificate, plates, and stickers.

Save time when registering a custom-built motorcycle in San Diego.

The easiest, most reliable way of saving time while registering your custom-made bike is to save as much paperwork as possible throughout the entire process.

Keep tickets and proof of purchase of any piece you get, write down serial numbers and the date of purchase, as well as the name of the seller.

Depending on how much you built yourself the DMV might ask you for more verifications, so it’s always helpful to have that already saved somewhere in case they need it.

The second best way of saving time when registering your custom-made motorcycle at DMV San Diego is to work through a licensed registration services provider, such as Payless Registration.

While you’ll still need to visit the DMV for the required inspections, Payless Registration can save you a lot of time by acquiring the necessary forms for you and guiding you through the entire process.

Sure, as someone who built their own bike you may not be afraid to tackle bureaucracy, but if you’d rather spend that time doing what you love to do, then contact Payless Registration to handle the process for you.

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