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San Diego Boat Registration Requirements

Without a doubt, one of the best things about San Diego is the ability to get on your boat and sail away to enjoy the ocean for a handful of hours.

It’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. What’s less exciting about owning a boat in San Diego, though, is the need to register and insure it to comply with DMV guidances. Registering a boat in San Diego is similar to registering a car, which involves acquiring some papers and paying a visit to the local DMV. Luckily, just like with car registrations, you can skip the line at the DMV and register and insure your boat directly with Payless Registration. Whether you’re working with Payless or directly with the DMV for your boat registration, this is what you’ll need.

San Diego Boat Registration Requirements

First things first, you’ll need to fill a Vessel Certificate of Number application, which you can do online, in the DMV, or directly in our offices, where we’ll be able to guide you through the process. You will also need proof of ownership, usually in the form of the boat’s title; if you’ve lost or misplaced your boat’s title, you can get a replacement directly at the DMV or through Payless Registration. Next, it’s time to find out what fees are necessary to pay –this varies from boat to boat– and paying them. You can pay with the DMV or through payless registration.

You may also need:

Though registering a boat in San Diego may seem pretty straightforward, there are a few more things you need to consider.

If your boat isn’t in a marina, and you use a trailer to move it back and forth, the trailer counts as a separate vehicle and should be registered separately.

It’s important to follow this step, as even if you have a San Diego boat registration, you won’t be able to use it if the trailer isn’t registered as well.

If you purchased your boat from a private seller rather than a dealer, you’ll need a bill of sale from the original owner to demonstrate your ownership over the vessel.

If you don’t have a bill of sale, a statement of facts will suffice. You can acquire the proper paperwork with the DMV or with Payless Registration.

San Diego boat registrations can be done directly with the DMV via mail or in-person or from the comfort of Payless Registration offices.

Why Payless?

Registering a boat –or any other vehicle– with Payless is a comfortable and convenient alternative to working with the DMV because it ensures you have someone with DMV experience with you along the way. Sure, given enough time you’ll be able to figure out things on your own, but working with our expert agents is a little like having the DMV all to yourself. Get answers to all of your questions and skip the lines at the DMV with Payless Registration.
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